THIS LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made between you, a US Immigration Technology Software Customer ("You" or "Your") and the Immigration Lawyer ("Lawyer") who has agreed to provide Services as defined below to US Immigration Technology Software Customers. You and Lawyer agree that Lawyer is not engaged to represent You generally or in Your immigration case. Rather, Lawyer's representation of You is limited to the Services defined below, and nothing more, unless You and Lawyer otherwise agree in writing.

Lawyer must act in Your best interest and provide the Services defined in this Agreement in a competent manner. However, because You and Lawyer have agreed that Lawyer will provide only limited legal help:

  • Lawyer does not have to give more help than described in this Agreement, and
  • Lawyer does not have to help You with any other part of Your case or legal matter.

While performing the Services defined in this Agreement:

  • Lawyer does not promise any particular outcome of Your case;
  • Lawyer will rely entirely on Your description of the facts of Your case and will not make any independent investigation; and
  • Lawyer may advise You that a limited scope representation is not reasonable in your case and advise that You need Additional Services or the services of another Lawyer.
  1. Services

    The services to be provided to You by Lawyer, except as agreed between You and Lawyer in writing, consist of the following, and no more:

    • An immigration Lawyer will conduct a 7-point review:

      1. Review entire application for omissions of key information.
      2. Examine for typographical errors that might delay processing.
      3. Confirm consistent spellings of names and places throughout the application.
      4. Check for inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates.
      5. Review for obviously illogical entries.
      6. Search for entries that conflict with each other.
      7. Analyze application to confirm eligibility to file for the immigration benefit sought, based on the answers and information you provided.
    • Written comments and recommendations (via email) from an immigration lawyer when the 7-point review is complete.
    • One (1) telephone consultation with an immigration lawyer of up to fifteen (15) minutes to discuss the written comments, recommendations and your application.

    "Services" do not include:

    • Review of revised applications.
    • Telephone calls beyond one consultation of up to 15 minutes.
    • Communications with third parties on your behalf.
    • Independent investigation of facts related to your application.
    • Representation before the USCIS, any government agency or in any legal proceeding.
    • Legal representation in any matter or advice on any issue not included within the definition of Services.
  2. Fee and Payment

    You agree to pay Lawyer the fee for the Lawyer Review posted on the USImmigration.US website in exchange for the Services defined above ("Fee"), which will be charged to your credit or debit card. If You and Lawyer agree that Lawyer will provide Additional Services, as defined below, You and Lawyer will make a separate arrangement for payment for such Additional Services.

  3. Additional Services

    You may request, and Lawyer may agree, that Lawyer provide additional immigration-related legal services ("Additional Services") to You beyond the Services defined above, to be defined and agreed to in writing between You and Lawyer. Lawyer may accept or decline to provide such Additional Services at the Lawyer's discretion. For any Additional Services related to the immigration application that you completed using the US Immigration Technology Software, Lawyer agrees to provide such Additional Services at a twenty-five percent (25%) discount from Lawyer's usual rates. For any other legal services, Lawyer may charge You that Lawyer's usual rates, without applying any discount, or any other rate agreed to in writing between You and Lawyer.

  4. Your Obligations

    You retain control over all aspects of Your immigration matter and You remain responsible for all decisions made in the course of Your immigration matter. You agree to (a) provide truthful and complete information when completing your application using the US Immigration Technology Software; (b) provide truthful and complete information in any communications between You and Lawyer; (c) carefully consider Lawyer's advice before making any major decisions in Your immigration matter; and (d) advise Lawyer of any new developments or new or changed information related to Your application or immigration matter of which You learn during the course of this Agreement and prior to your telephone consultation with Lawyer.

  5. Termination of Agreement

    Unless You and Lawyer otherwise agree in writing, this Agreement, and Lawyer's representation of You, shall automatically terminate at the conclusion of your telephone consultation with Lawyer, your filing of the completed immigration application with the government, or fourteen (14) calendar days after Lawyer sends You the report of the Lawyer review of your completed immigration application, whichever comes first. You may terminate this Agreement for any or no reason at any time, although You will remain legally obligated to pay Lawyer the Fee if the Lawyer has provided all or a substantial part of the Services. Lawyer may terminate this Agreement if, in Lawyer's sole judgment, You have failed to fulfill one or more of Your material obligations under this Agreement, for other good cause, or any reason authorized or required by law, rule or regulation, including professional rules that govern the conduct of Lawyers.

  6. Your Informed Consent

    By entering into this Agreement, you confirm that you have read this entire Limited Scope Representation Agreement and understand all of its terms, and that You understand and accept the limitations on the scope of Lawyer's services provided herein, and Your obligations identified above. Unless You and lawyer otherwise agree in writing, Lawyer is not Your lawyer for any other purpose, and Lawyer has no obligation to provide You any more assistance than the Services defined above.

  7. Last Updated: October 12, 2015