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B-2 Tourist Visa

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What Is a B-2 Visa?

The B-2 tourist visa is used by foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States for short periods of time for tourism or health care.

Foreign nationals coming to the United States generally need to obtain a visa before coming to a U.S. port-of-entry. Visas come in two general types: Immigrant and nonimmigrant.

  • Immigrant visas - Also know as Green Cards or permanent resident cards are issued for family members of permanent residents and citizens in the U.S., permanent workers or refugees. Immigrant visas allow their recipients to live, work and travel freely in the United States permanently.
  • Nonimmigrant visas - Also known as temporary visas. These are granted to foreign nationals who wish to come to the U.S. for short and defined periods of time. Tourists, business travellers, some workers and students get nonimmigrant visas. There are many different kinds of temporary visas and each is designated for a particular purpose. The B-2 visa is for general tourism and health tourism.

Note: foreign residents who want to travel to the United States for a purpose other than for tourism need to use a different kind of visa.

B-2 Visas for Tourism

Millions of people visit the United States every year to tour famous sites, monuments, cities and parks throughout the country and you can too with a B-2 tourist visa.

These visas are granted for short periods of time (usually less than six months), but can be extended, a process you can find more abou in the ebook.

B-2 Visas for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a practice by which foreign nationals visit the United States to undergo surgeries or medical procedures and take advantage of the United States reputation as a world leader in medical technology.

What Is Included in the B-2 Visa Ebook?

The B-2 Tourist and Medical Tourist Ebook includes

  • Qualifications and eligibility requirements
  • A detailed overview of the B-2 visa application process
  • All of the necessary forms you'll need to apply for your B-2
  • Guidance on how to file your B-2 application right the first time
  • Interview tips
  • How to apply for a waiver if you are ineligible for a visa
  • What to do if your visa is denied and
  • How to extend your status once you're in the U.S.

Give yourself the resources you need to make the most informed decisions when applying for the B-2 tourist visa. Find out how the process works, how to present the strongest application possible and tips for a successful visa interview. Get all the information you need to successfully apply for your B-2 visa the first time.