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US Citizenship DVD

Take the U.S. Citizenship Test and Pass!

Learn how to pass the U.S. naturalization tests:

  • Subtitled in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean
  • Includes interactive study guides in required topics
  • Get expert tips and a practice interview

DVD Chapters:

  • Getting Ready
  • The Interview
  • The Civics Test
  • The English Test

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What is the citizenship test?

Immigrants who want to become citizens have to take a citizenship (naturalization) test. This test is administered by a USCIS immigration officer who checks that the hopeful citizen knows enough about the U.S. to be a citizen.

The test itself is composed of two parts - [civics and English] - which are explained in greater detail below.

Benefits of citizenship

United States citizenship is a highly sought-after status. Naturalization confers all of the rights of a citizen of the U.S. on an immigrant, such as:

  • Voting rights
  • Quicker immigration paths for relatives of the U.S. citizen
  • Citizens can confer their citizenship status on their children easily
  • The benefits of a U.S. passport for travel and identification
  • Eligibility for federal government jobs
  • Eligibility for elected government positions

How long does it take?

After a prospective citizen files Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, the USCIS will take about six months to process the application, but this can take longer in some cases.

This estimate is for those applicants who already meet the eligibility requirements for citizenship, which often require five or more years of residence in the U.S.

What's on the citizenship test?

The citizenship test is composed of two parts:

  • Civics - this test asks questions about the government, history, geography and culture of the United States.
  • English - this test verifies that you can read, write, speak and listen to English with a certain level of comprehension.

The citizenship interview

The citizenship interview is an interview with a USCIS immigration official who will verify the details of your application and administer the two parts of the citizenship test.

What is the naturalization ceremony?

The naturalization ceremony is the formal event where citizenship is granted to a permanent resident.

During the ceremony, the applicant reads the oath of allegiance out loud in front of a judge with many other applicants. After the oath is completed, the applicant is a full U.S. citizen!

Free Shipping Via USPS
Ships in Approximately 10-12 Days