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Certificate of Citizenship Application

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Certificate of Citizenship Application

Prepare Your USCIS Form N-600 Certificate of Citizenship

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Price $295 (Government Fees not included )

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What’s Included in Your Application Package Service
  • Complete your application online using our easy to use immigration software.
  • Securely check your application using our Immigration Error Report technology.
  • Review entire application for omissions of key information.
  • Examine for typographical errors that might delay processing.
  • Confirm consistent spellings of names and places throughout the application.
  • Check for inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates.
  • Review for obviously illogical entries.
  • Search for entries that conflict with each other.
  • Our software checks the information you provide against the eligibility requirements for the immigration benefit you’re seeking, and notifies you if those requirements are not met.
  • Once you complete your application, we print, assemble and mail out your application package to you.
  • We include sticky notes on where you need to sign and date your application.
  • Service includes a pre-paid envelope for you to mail your completed package directly to the USCIS for processing.
  • We mail your application package via USPS

More Information

What are the government fees to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship?

For most cases, the government fee associated with form N-600 is $1,170

Form N-600 Application for Certificate of Citizenship

The USCIS Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship, is used by people outside of
the United States to get proof of their right to citizenship.

Most applicants using Form N-600 are effectively already citizens through a parent, but do not
have a document showing their citizenship. Form N-600 then provides a U.S. citizenship document
to them.

It is important to note that getting a citizenship certificate is different than the process of
naturalization. Naturalization is the process of asking for the right to become a citizenship.
Requesting a citizenship certificate is simply asking for proof of an already existing status.

Who can apply using form N-600?

This form is mostly used for the daughters and sons of U.S. citizens who were born abroad and so,
the child can apply on their own behalf or their parent can file the application for them.

A child’s eligibility for a citizenship certificate is a matter of the laws at the time of their
birth and their relationship with their parents.

The process is slightly different for adopted children compared to the process for natural
children of U.S. citizens.

What documents are required for the N-600 application?

The USCIS asks for supporting documentation for most applications, which show that you are
eligible for the benefits that the application would grant you.

The Application for Certificate of Citizenship has many eligibility requirements and
therefore asks for extensive documentation.

The following list includes some requirements and documents that you may be asked to show the
USCIS. All applicants should look at their filing instructions closely to find the documents
that would best apply to their situation.

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your parent’s birth certificate
  • Proof of your parent’s U.S. citizenship
  • Parents’ marriage certificate (and divorce documents if applicable)
  • Children born out of wedlock may need to show legitimation
  • Proof of custody (for children of divorced couples)
  • Permanent residency card
  • Proof of the parent’s physical residence in the United States (The parent has to have lived
    in the U.S. for at least one continuous year in the U.S. prior to your birth)
  • Adoption decree
  • Records of legal name changes (if necessary)

Note about translation: documents in languages other than English will need to be translated.
Translated documents need to include copies of the following: the original document, the
translation and an affidavit from the translator attesting to the translation’s accuracy.

What is the process and how long does it take?

The process of applying for a citizenship certificate begins with filing the form. The USCIS may
then ask for more information or an interview before they make a decision.

The backlog of N-600 forms is at more than a year for many USCIS field offices, so it may take at
least that long for you to receive your citizenship certificate.