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Action on an Approved Application or Petition

Form I-824 Online Software Preparation Services


  • Prepare your USCIS application using our online software
  • Secure, easy to use software will assist you every step of the way
  • Check if you're eligible to use our software before starting
  • Access to independent attorney review service
  • Document translations available for an additional fee
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  • Peace of mind
Online Software Preparation Fee $99
Government Fees not included

WE ARE NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. PURCHASE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE GOVERNMENT FILING FEES. BLANK FORMS ARE AVAILABLE WITH INSTRUCTIONS FOR FREE FROM THE USCIS. Our online software allows you to complete your application for submission to the USCIS. We are not a law firm nor a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Our 24/7 customer support is for technical and billing issues, and will not answer legal questions or give legal advice. The Refund Policy is found in our Terms of Use.


What are the government fees to apply for an Action on an Approved Application or Petition?

For most cases, the government fee associated with form I-824 is $465

Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, Form I-824

Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, is used to file for a duplicate approval notice (also known as Form I-797, Notice of Action).

Form I-797, Notice of Action, is the document issued when an application or petition to the USCIS has been approved.

The Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition is used by immigrants who need an additional copy of their notice of action for immigration purposes or otherwise.

Who is eligible to file Form I-824?

The applicants or petitioners of approved USCIS applications or petitions can file Form I-824 to receive a duplicate copy of their Notice of Action.

The USCIS may require that you attach supporting documents to your application based on the application or petition that you had approved.

How long does it take for the USCIS to process Form I-824?

The USCIS California Service center estimates that it may take three months or more for Form I-824 to be processed.